Long Beach -Belmont Shore
Youth Soccer Program
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  Fall 2021 Registration opens on April 15th 2021




Refund and buddy policy




Fall 2021 update....

We have been allowed to Start games.

1-Spectators and seating- We are limiting the amount of spectators to 2 adults per player Minor age siblings may attend and not count against the two spectators per player. You should be at least six (6) feet away from the touch line. Please maintain social distancing on the sidelines.  NO sitting behind the goals. 

2-Coaches Coach, Players play, Parents cheer.  NO coaching from the sideline.  I know we all missed the excitement of the games but the kids just want to play. We all wanted to get our kids back out there to play so just let them play!  

3-Animals- NO animals are allowed at ANY  AYSO games, practices or events.  This is a national policy and can be found  Also if something should happen it is not covered by our insurance so please leave the furry animals at home.   National Pet Policy

4-Parking- Please be mindful to the residents around city parks.  DO NOT park in NO Parking Zones, Red Zones or block driveways.

5-Masks are not mandated at this time.  We are following Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services current guidelines regarding outdoor youth sports.