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*Please have your players on time to practice and pick up from practice on time as well.  


*Players will need to bring water to all practices and games.


*Make sure you leave the practice field as clean or cleaner than the way you found it. We are guests of the LBUSD & The City of Long Beach!


*NO DOGS/ pets are allowed at any of the fields at practices or the games. (We love dogs! However permits and insurances do not allow it)

* Do not practice outside of your teams practice time or location.  Field permits and incident insurance will not cover region members outside of the allotted times/locations.  

Field Locations:

Whaley Park North & South
5620 E. Atherton St.
Long Beach, 90815

Whaley Park is the primary U5 & U6 practice and game location.


Whaley Park straddles Atherton St.  The Community Center is on the South side of the park along with the baseball field - there are bathrooms there.

Marina Vista Park   
5355 Eliot St.         
Long Beach 90814

Marina Vista Park is a practice field for U5 & U6.  It is near Marine Stadium.  There are bathrooms on the side of the park closest to the water.

Stanford Middle School  
5871 E. Los Arcos St.
Long Beach 90815

Stanford is where U10 & U12 play. It is accessible from both Willow and Bellflower.  Bathrooms are open on Saturdays locatded near the Gym.

El Dorado Park 1 (North)  
2660 N. Studebaker Rd 
Long Beach 90815

Eldorado Park #1 (North) is the practice field for various divisions and is one of the playing fields for U12 & U14.  It is on Studebaker, north of Willow, right in front of the baseball fields.  There are bathrooms in the library yet not at all convenient.

El Dorado Park 2 (Central)  
2540 N. Studebaker Rd.
Long Beach 90815

Eldorado Park #2 (Central) is used for U12 & U14 practice and games.  It is the field by the duck pond,  off of Studebaker Rd.  There are no bathrooms.  

El Dorado Park 3 (South)  
2280 N. Studebaker Rd. 
Long Beach 90815

Eldorado Park #3 (South) is a practice field for U10, U12 & U14.  It is next to “Shady Park” just north of Stearns.  There is a small doorless bathroom.  

Stearns Park
4520 East 23rd Street 
Long Beach 90815 

Stearns Park is in between Clark and Lakewood off of Stearns St.  There is a community center where bathrooms are available when center is open.

Practice and Game locations are established during the first weeks of the season.  Contact your Coach or Team Manager for your specific location and time.


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