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Belmont Cup is a post-season

Tournament for the Region's Core Program

(Play-Offs Divisions U10-U14)

Tournament play in each division will consist of two sets of matches followed by a final match.  The first set of play will be round-robin preliminary matches based on the final Fall season standings.  The second set of matches will be based on final point standings from the preliminary matches.  All final matches will be based on the winners of the semi-final matches. 

2018    Schedule & Standings:    TBD

Belmont Cup Information & Ref Points:

The Belmont Cup standings that are posted are based on a 10 point system: 

6 points for a win 

3 point for a tie 

1 point for each goal, (3 max)

1 point for a shutout

a 0 - 0 tie is 4 points, both teams.


Referee Points earned from the regular season are shown under the 'Xtra Points' column. 


Tournament Style: check-in ahead, warm up on sidelines (DO NOT warm up, shoot goals etc. on the field) , position players for play as soon as field is available. (DO NOT warm up, shoot goals etc. on the field)  


No overtime for pool play. 

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