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the EXTRA program

     Extra Tryouts (for 2024-25 Season) 
Tryouts Feb 26th- March 2nd                For more info  


The EXTRA Program is designed to provide a more competitive environment for the skilled player who is looking for a greater challenge than our Core Program. This program is available for U9-U12 divisions.  The EXTRA Teams play other EXTRA Teams from other Regions throughout Area E during the period of August to November. Generally EXTRA Teams (at the coach’s option) continue practice and engage in tournament play during the winter months with possible continuation in Spring within the Area E Extra Academy (depending on the interest of the coach and players). Tournaments may require Travel. Players on the EXTRA Teams are selected during a blind tryout by impartial judges. The EXTRA Season cost is higher then the Core Program. Some of the additional costs include: uniforms, training gear, tournament fees, and travel costs. In addition, there is a higher level of commitment for this program.

What is EXTRA?

How to join EXTRA:

*  Register for the upcoming  Season at


* Attend TRYOUTS  You must register to sign up.

Sign up link  TRYOUTS 2024 (click for details)  

* Watch email for acceptance notification

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Email our EXTRA Coordinator at:

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